About Us

What do we do?

We at Blissful Escape strive to give our customers exactly what our name suggests: hassle-free travelling to blissful destinations. The Blissful Escape team is here to put the fun and excitement back into your vacation. Through our travel expertise, you have the benefit of availing the advantages of amazing travel deals, a hassle-free global hotel booking system that offers the lowest rates for the world's most luxurious hotels, convenient destination travelling and exciting tours … making any trip a complete bliss. So … let our experts at Blissful Escape, do the planning for your trip so that all that is left for you to do is: enjoy yourself and like we say… Experience Incredible Travelling!

Why choose Blissful Escape?

Blissful Escape is focused on providing only good quality hotels to our customers: Our priority is to provide at least 4 star hotels in even our budget packages so the customers are fully satisfied with the quality of accommodation they receive. We encourage an honest and frank relationship with our customers: Customers can enjoy open discussion with our travel experts. We have our very own Private Travel Lounge where customers can be comfortable with discussing their travel needs so that we can satisfy them in the best possible way. Our packages have no hidden charges: We make everything clear from the start so that we provide our customers with best travel advice and services suited to their needs.